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HOBART VIEW CLUB - (Voice, Interests and Education of Women)

What We Do

We are a group of women who are committed to supporting the aims of The Smith Family:  to support underprivileged Australian children to remain in education to reach their full potential.

We do this by:
  • raising money through fund-raising events such as fashion parades,  cocktail parties, donations, high teas;
  • working as volunteers in schools taking part in the Learning for Life and other Smith Family programs;
  • sponsoring scholarships for disadvantaged students to help them and their families get the most out of their education
and other fun activities.

Sponsored scholarship students

Our club's first sponsored scholarship student was announced in 2012.  Her name is Cheyenne.

Our second sponsored scholarship student is Hailie.

During 2014 we added two new sponsored students to our lists: Jed, our first boy was six years old and is now in high school.  Shannon was an 11 year old girl who has now completed her secondary education.

We are proud of the progress our students are making and look forward to sponsoring a new primary school student in 2021.